iPhone Batteries

Has your iPhone Battery started to swell up?

At iFixer we change a LOT of batteries for customers….

A common problem for a lot of people is that their phones start to cut out at various stages of the day – They also start to decrease in the amount of time they’re lasting per day, and you have to charge it more and more!

Another (and more serious) problem is that the batteries start to swell… This can lead to your phone screen getting pressure points on it, and even worse, lifting the screen and potentially destroying the LCD!

Comparison of iPhone Battery swelling – On the left a battery starting to swell. On the right, a brand new battery fitted by iFixer. Notice it’s  flatter and not bulging.

iFixer only fit OEM or Genuine batteries. Prices start at £35 for iPhones, and £5.99 for all other makes and models.