We only sell Genuine Batteries


At iFixer we only use 100% GENUINE batteries no matter what make or model.

You may pay a little bit more than the terrible copy/fake batteries which other repair shops may use, which can bloat, blow up, show incorrect information or simply just stop working!

Here’s a read out from an Apple iPhone which a customer brought in today with battery problems. Their previous battery was dying at various stages of the day, showing different % when apparently fully charged and flagging up “Service” in the new IOS 11.3 “Battery Health” section of settings with no other info.

The problem was a Copy/replica Apple battery which had been installed just 3 months ago. 15 mins and a little bit of charge later, the newly installed battery shows a full 100% read-back.

With a GENUINE battery you’re assured a long lasting, safe and reliable replacement, which will be compatible any of the new iOS updates.

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